Made of minerals, born for emergencies

Lasting a Long Time, Either Company or Products


Over the past 60 years, with every twist and turn, we stay loyal to the original aspiration by helping people go through emergencies and protecting them from hunger and malnutrition, just like our products that last a long time, rainy or sunny.

Strong in Technology, Excellent in Quality

Led by technology and guaranteed with quality, BDH has established a complete quality management system, integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Achieving ISO 22000 accreditation, OHSAS 18001 accreditation and ISO14001 accreditation, we have won such reputations as Hebei High-Tech Enterprise, China leading canned food brand and Demonstration Enterprise for Food Security.

Our team with 32 technicians has participated in the National Key Research and Development Program and cooperated with such colleges as China Agricultural University, holding 24 utility model patents and 5 design patents. But we never stop where we are, instead doubling efforts to develop disruptive product portfolios for a better emergency solution.

Responsible for Society, Care for Humanity

BDH is always on the way to helping people in need, fighting its best for a better world. From the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and the 1998 China floods to the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, donations by BDH worth 10 million dollars were sent there in no time, helping local people survive and rebuild their homeland.
As Covid-19 rages all over the world, we combine our future with the destiny of humanity, donating tens of thousands of emergency essentials to the hardest hit without any hesitation, thus contributing to post-pandemic recovery at home and abroad. The only wish we hold at BDH is a better world for each of us, as well as a joyful life.

Lasting a Long Time, Either Company or Products

What we do

Being highly recommended by our customers, we have brought emergency foods to countries including America, Germany, South Africa, Vietnam and Brunei. We sincerely hope people out there are benefited from what we provide, and people across the world could be fed quality emergency foods, on account of that we hold a vision- Quality Essentials Global Share.
Why choose BDH

Why choose BDH

BDH is dedicated to providing customers with quality yet affordable emergency foods, so it’ll be achieved that no one in need is left behind. You can rest assured that we are in no way a company with inferior goods for low prices like some in the market, because we own large-size high-tech factories, and that’s why we could offer you quality yet affordable emergency foods.
In addition to products, we also promise you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also believe in being clear and concise with the details of our guarantee. No vague claims - just great customer service and a product that we believe in. After all, your satisfaction is our priority.